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Don’t Let Your Design Blend in. Stand Out with Custom Furniture from Stage Look Design!

Stage Look Design creates stunning, completely-original designs for home interiors and businesses. We make all of our custom furniture in Italy and Tukey from the finest European woods. You won’t get this kind of quality anywhere else!


What Others Say

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What Others Say

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What Others Say

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Interior Design

Our Work

Retail Projects

Every retail location’s branding is distinct. That’s why your business needs a unique retail design from Stage Look Design.

Office Projects

Get your office’s furniture, reception area, lobby, and more custom-designed to complement your business’ unique needs and style.

Café Projects

Draw in patrons with your café or bar’s captivating design! Stage Look Design can provide stunning, comfortable custom furniture.

Home Projects

Your dream home shouldn’t be limited to what’s available at home furniture stores. The exclusive custom pieces from Stage Look Design will set your home apart!

Stage Look Design

Some of our clients

Stage Look's

Custom Cohesive Design

Don’t settle for the boring mass-produced furniture everyone else uses. Get unique furniture that not only looks stunning but is also built to last for years.


Completed Retail Projects
Completed Cafe Projects
Completed Home Projects


We analyze your business’s unique needs and branding.


We design custom furniture pieces you won’t find anywhere else!



We craft your furniture in our Italian and Turkish factories using the finest materials.



Once we deliver, you get to fall in love with the results of our hard work!

All your needs

Benefits of Using Stage Look Design

Because we own our factories, we can keep prices competitive, even though the items are custom.

The sky is the limit when we’re custom-designing your furniture!

We include design fees in every project. If you use our furniture in your home, design is free!

We use the finest Italian fabric and European woods. The result is the highest quality you won’t get anywhere else!

Where is the furniture made?

All of our furniture is custom-made in Italy or Turkey where some of the finest furniture in the world is created. We use Italian fabric and European wood. You can always expect the highest quality craftsmanship!

How expensive is your furniture?

You might expect such high-quality European furniture to be expensive. But Stage Look Design owns all our own factories, so we never have to pay a middle man. Because of this, our prices are much more affordable than most custom design furniture companies.

What’s the turnaround time if I’m not local?

We always do our best to complete your custom design fast, even if you’re not near Houston. Our work typically takes six to twelve weeks. Once we know the details of your project, we’ll give you a more precise timeline.

How do I find out about pricing?

We would be happy to offer you a free quote! All you have to do is provide us with technical drawings if another agency did your design. If your design isn’t done, we’ll charge a small fee that we’ll refund if you choose us for your project.

Do we need to meet in person to discuss the project?

Most of our projects can be discussed over the phone or via email. If your project is a more complex one, our designers and project managers may need to meet with you. We’ll come to you and discuss the details in person.

Reach out to Stage Look Design

We can’t wait to hear about your vision for your custom design!